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Boost Your Brain Health With These Amazing Foods!

Boost Your Brain Health With These Amazing Foods!

What you eat reflects not only on your body but also influences your thought procedures by influencing the brain power. You must be wondering about how your food affects your brain functions? Well, scientists have proved through research studies that whatever you eat takes a toll on your brains along with other body parts. Therefore, it is believed that eating well is beneficial for physical as well as metal health.

Foods to Boost Brain Health

Your brain requires equal nutrition just as your heart, lungs, or other body parts. Therefore, it is important to know about foods to improve brain health of your gray matter while keeping it healthy.

Check out the list of following foods to boost your brain health.

  1. Nuts
    Nuts are amazing source of vitamin E. as per a study published in an American journal recommends that sufficient intake of vitamin E helps to prevent cognitive decline. Some other food sources rich in vitamin E are asparagus, green leafy vegetables, seeds, olives, brown rice, eggs, and whole grains

  2. Broccoli
    Broccoli is packed with vitamin K, an effective enhancer for cognitive function. In addition, it also helps to improve the brainpower. As per research studies, broccoli contains high amount of compounds called gluco-sinolates, which help to slow down the breakdown of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, required essentially for proper functioning of central nervous system thus keeping the memory and brains sharp. Low levels of this compound can lead to Alzheimer’s. You can consume this healthy brain food in the form of salad

  3. Pumpkin Seeds
    Although all seeds are considered to be rich sources of zinc, pumpkin seeds are believed to be richer than numerous other seeds. Pumpkin seeds are probably the richest source of zinc, an essential mineral to enhance thinking skills and memory. In addition, these small seeds also contain good amount of magnesium, an effective stress-buster, along with essential B-vitamins. You can add them to your meals while cooking or just munch on them as a healthy snack to have your food for thought

  4. Sage
    Sage is known to have the potential to improve concentration and memory. Although it is usually recommended for use in the form of essential oil, you can also add fresh sage to your diet.

    Tip: Add it during the end of the cooking procedure. This would help to protect the natural beneficial oils of this amazing food.

  5. Blackcurrant
    Blackcurrants are packed with vitamin C. this essential vitamin is believed to have the potential to improve mental agility. In addition, it also prevents the occurrence of age related brain degeneration in the form of Alzheimer’s and dementia. So, next time you go for shopping fruits, don’t forget to bring home this amazing food for thought. However, some other important food sources rich in vitamin C include red peppers and broccoli. 

  6. Vitamins
    There are certain B-vitamins, especially vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid, which help to cut down the level of a special compound called homocysteine in the bloodstream. Increased levels of this compound in the bloodstream tend to make you more susceptible to high risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairment. As per research conducted by scientists, sufficient intake of vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid helps prevent brain shrinkage. Some of the B-vitamins food sources include fish, eggs, chicken, and green leafy vegetables.

  7. Tomatoes
    Tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant, called Lycopene, which provides protection against all types of free radical damage to cells. This free radical damage usually occurs in case of dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s. You can consume tomatoes either raw in the form of salad or cooked with little olive oil to increase efficacy and absorption. This is one of the amazing foods that help sharpen your mind.

  8. Blueberries
    As per research studies conducted by various scientists, adding blueberries to your diet helps to delay or improve short term memory loss. Blueberries are easily available. They are loaded with protective compounds – anthocyanins to provide amazing health benefits. You can munch on a few blueberries everyday to get amazing benefits for brain health.

  9. Whole grains
    Just like other body parts, brain also requires energy to work properly. The brain achieves its capability to focus and concentrate through adequate and steady supply of energy received in the form of glucose in the blood to the brain. This glucose can be obtained easily from whole grains that contain low GI. Such whole grains release glucose slowly into the bloodstream, thus keeping the mind mentally alert through the day. It is even better to go for brown wholegrain cereals, rice, granary bread, and pasta. 

  10. Citrus Fruits
    Citrus fruits, like lime, lemon, grapefruits, and oranges, help the brain to stay healthy. You can include any of these fruits as a salad dressing, sip up some lemonade, or squirt it in tacos. Make it a routine to add some citrus to your daily diet to prevent cognitive decline and maintain brain health.

  11. Avocados
    Although avocados contain high fat content, these are good fats that support healthy brain functioning. Avocados contain mono-saturated fats that reduce the risk of high blood pressure, one of the major risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, avocados are also amazing source of lutein, carotenoids that support better cognition. Eating an avocado daily for six months helps to improve various cognitive functions. However, it is important to keep a watch on the amount of this healthy brain food eaten for the high calorie count.

  12. Eggs
    Eggs, specifically egg yolk, contain vitamins that support memory while simultaneously increasing communication among the brain cells. You can have them in boiled form or prepare an omelet with some veggies, like onion, tomatoes, and spinach, added to enhance taste.

  13. Leafy Green Vegetables
    Consuming green leafy vegetables, like Swiss chard, kale, and romaine lettuce, regularly helps to maintain good brain health. Green leafy vegetables contain high content of vitamin A and K that help to improve concentration. In addition, these vegetables also help to strengthen the memory and prevent dementia while simultaneously slowing mental deterioration. Therefore, try to include leafy greens in your daily diet as a food to improve brain health.

  14. Greek Yogurt
    Stress is the biggest enemy of brain health. Greek yogurt works as an amazing stress buster for the brain. Try it with some fresh fruits added over the top along with a handful of cereals made with whole grains, like granola to boost memory and concentration. Greek yogurt contains minerals and vitamins that help to relieve stress thus providing energy to body and brain. Also, probiotics contained by Greek yogurt help to prevent cognitive decline as well as age-related memory loss. It is a perfect food for thought. You can either have it as a snack in between meals or in the form of sweet-dish post meal.

  15. Oily Fish
    Human body is not capable of making essential fatty acids on its own. They need to be obtained through diet. Oily fish is the richest source of these essential fatty acids. It contains omega-3 fatty acids in the form of DHA and EPA. These fatty acids or essential fats are responsible for healthy functioning of the brain in addition to providing numerous health benefits to heart, joints and other aspects of the body. So, try and include oily fish in your diet to give a boost to your memory as well as overall brain health.

Wrapping up, in addition to these foods to help improve brain health, it is equally important to follow an effective exercise routine to keep the brains sharp. Regular exercise not only helps to improve cognitive function but also slows down the aging process, mental as well as physical, thus helping to process any information in a more efficient manner. So, exercise is the real food for thought!